Whether you think you need a little style nudge, or a complete confidence and style makeover, we can offer you just what you need to wear your style confidently. Our holistic approach appeals to all women, at any stage of their life journey. Confidence a la Mode offers packages, as well as customized options, that will fit your lifestyle needs. Below is an overview of our core services. Please use the contact page to obtain more information on rates and a complete list of all of our services.


Do you look in the mirror and only focus on the things you’re not happy with? Are you letting your perception of your body image stop you from doing the things you love? Do you feel lost when it comes to your own personal style? Let us help you gain that inner and outer confidence back so you can wear your confidence with style! Some of the things we’ll do in these sessions include:

  • Assess your current confidence levels and views of your body image; and identify how they may be holding you back
  • Establish goals that will help you increase your inner confidence
  • Challenge perceived imperfections and focus on what you love about yourself
  • Discover your personal style and learn what clothing works best for you


Are you unsure of how to dress for your body shape and for your lifestyle? Do you intend to dress differently, but end up wearing the same outfits over and over? Do you hate shopping for clothing because you feel like nothing looks good on you? Let us help you get confidence back in your clothing, bring the fun back to your shopping experience and find your unique style! Some of the things we’ll do in these sessions include:

  • Analyze your body shape and understand what clothing works best for you
  • Discover your style personality
  • Weed your wardrobe of items that don’t fit properly, don’t enhance your body shape, are worn out or you don’t like
  • Develop greater awareness of shopping habits and learn skills to be a more focused, efficient shopper

I was amazed because without even knowing me very well, Jennifer put together a bunch of different looks for me and totally nailed my type of style! I had such a hard time making selections because they were all things that I really loved and wanted.
Christy S, Client


Wardrobe Analysis

Are there clothes in your wardrobe you’ve never worn or clothes that you’ve had for decades? Are you underwhelmed with your current wardrobe because nothing fits or looks right? Let us help you rejuvenate and create a wardrobe that reflects the activities in your life by:

  • Helping you create outfits with the pieces you currently have
  • Clearing out items taking up precious wardrobe space
  • Identifying items needed to compliment your existing wardrobe
  • Creating wardrobe capsules

Professional Styling

Did you know that in less than 3 minutes of meeting someone for the first time, they have already decided who and what you are just from your appearance? So if you’re going to a job interview or an important event, the value of what you’re wearing is huge! Let us help you feel professionally confident by learning what your clothes communicate about you and by determining the appropriate look for you without compromising your personal style.

Special Event Styling

If you have a special event coming up and you have no idea what to wear, we can help!. Provide us details on the event and we can shop together, or separately, for the perfect outfit.

Bargain Retail Shopping

If you love finding a deal than this is for you! One of our specialties is shopping at off-price and discount retail stores to find fantastic pieces at incredibility low prices. We can shop with, or without, you, but if you’re ready to be Indiana Jones, make sure to put on your fedora and sneakers because hunting for treasure takes time and endurance!