Style Coaching® is a one-of-a-kind, holistic process that brings together image consultancy, personal styling and life coaching skills that embrace the whole you, inside and out. It’s based on the belief that you are so much more than your reflection in the mirror, empowering you in your life, not just in changing your wardrobe.

We believe that to be confident in your style you first need to love, accept and be confident about your body and yourself. There are a lot of articles and posts on social media stating that the way to a positive body image is to “learn to love yourself,” but not a lot of guidance on how to do it.

That’s why Confidence a la Mode was created. We offer a uniquely layered approach to helping women learn to love the skin they’re in. On the surface, we look at topics related to appearance such as style personality, body shape and color characteristics. As we unwrap those layers, we discover how appearance can have a positive or negative affect on daily emotions. Peeling off the next layer, we learn how those daily emotions can affect the bigger things in life, such as relationships, career and even health and well being.


As a certified Style Coach™ from the Style Coaching Institute®, Jennifer’s emphasis is on promoting a positive body image first, because being style confident involves much more then just a pretty pair of new shoes. Jennifer approaches improving her client’s style holistically, by helping them overcome internal challenges and negative beliefs, identifying more life affirming choices and advising them on what to wear.
From dressing up her dogs as a child, to experimenting with fashion dos (and don’ts), Jennifer has always been passionate about infusing her life with style. In her former career as an urban planner and project manager, her love for design and shape translated into “seeing the bigger picture” on projects and tasks, as well as her routinely being dubbed as the office’s “best dressed.”

When she’s not helping women to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, you can find Jennifer belting out made-up lyrics and busting out dance moves in the kitchen with her five-year-old daughter, throwing a mangled chew toy to her dog as if in a scene out of the movie Groundhog day, giving her husband a hard time and binge watching Project Runway episodes.